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Whats The Difference Between A Driver And A Chauffeur

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  • 15-07-2022
Whats The Difference Between A Driver And A Chauffeur

What's the difference between a driver and a chauffeur? Find out why you may want to hire a car service or personal driver. We look at which you will want to choose.

Chauffeur vs Driver

The distinction between a chauffeur and a professional driver service sometimes seems limited. After all, they both drive you to your final destination, so what's the distinctive difference?

But there are some important contrasts between the service you receive from a hired driver and those you get when hiring a professional chauffeur service.

Anyone who has employed either of these car services will have noticed the disparity in the two experiences, but for those who haven't, this article will take you through them.

A professional chauffeur specialises in planning every moment of your journey in meticulous detail rather than simply following their satellite navigation.

A chauffeur will plan routes, account for diversions and traffic, and ultimately ensure that your journey is easy, comfortable and timely.

You may also notice the difference in cars, with chauffeurs often driving clean luxury vehicles.

What's The Difference Between A Driver And A Chauffeur?

As you can imagine, chauffeurs won't take as many fares as professional drivers, given the extent of the services on offer. The chauffeur themselves will also be well turned out, given that image is often a large part of their professional role

Additionally, since chauffeurs are often required at formal events or to transport clients to important meetings, having a great sense of timekeeping is also essential. This is all part of a more luxurious executive service that chauffeurs can provide compared to a professional driver service.

Though, it's not all about the initial service you are receiving when we consider the key differences between these professional services. Unlike drivers, when you hire a chauffeur-driven car, you hire a highly-trained and knowledgeable expert who knows how to treat professional clients.

They have excellent personal communication skills, alongside advanced driving training to handle extreme conditions. They have an acute sense of etiquette, knowing when to speak and when to leave their passengers in peace.

The services a chauffeur can be called on to provide can differ from day to day, so they also need to be flexible and adaptable to different situations. Their training courses help to an extent, but the team at their headquarters also brief them about their clients and their needs, which ensures a truly exemplary service when you choose a chauffeur.

Not all drivers will have a team backing them up. This can include anything from needing a chauffeur with particular language skills, such as French-speaking, driving as part of a convoy or procession, or if you need a female chauffeur. 

Why Hire a Car Service or Personal Driver?

The reasons people require a car service or personal driver are the same - they need to get from point A to point B in a timely and stress-free manner. Most often, the customers requiring these transportation services are company owners and business executives travelling in cities or to airports they are unfamiliar with.

Having a professional chauffeur can, in this instance, be invaluable when avoiding getting lost and being on time. Of course, you could rely on Uber, rideshare apps, taxi services or public transport, but the quality of these services can vary incredibly widely depending on where you are.

You can do your research before you arrive to discover how these professional services compare in your destination city, but you'll never truly know where their blind spots are until you're in one. 

Therefore, chauffeurs and personal drivers offer a consistent service of the highest quality, no matter where you are driving. Personal drivers and chauffeurs also ensure a safe journey. They are professionally-trained drivers with more advanced skills than your average Uber driver.

Not only does this mean a safer journey, but also a more convenient, timely and cost-effective one. Chauffeurs know the quickest and safest routes about town, and they can deliver you relaxed and ready for whatever engagements you have that day. 

What Services Do a Driver and Chauffeur Offer?

The service a driver offers is fairly straightforward - they pick you up in a passenger vehicle, take you from A to B and drop you off.

They have no obligation to make sure you arrive on time, that your journey is comfortable, or make any extra effort.

On the other hand, chauffeurs provide a more comprehensive travelling experience that extends beyond simply taking you from one place and delivering you to another.

You might think of a chauffeur as an attendant who helps you with all aspects of your day, alongside being a highly-skilled driver.

While they specialise in getting you to your engagements or business events on time, they can also help with booking reservations, recommend places to stay or eat, retrieve items for you, and much more.

So long as your requests are within the purview of the chauffeur's role and within the bounds of the law, they will oblige. 

What Services Do a Driver and Chauffeur Offer?

How Do Professional Drivers and Chauffeurs Dress?

Another big difference between professional drivers and chauffeurs is their dress. A chauffer's appearance and uniform will be more formal than a driver's. They are expected to be well-groomed with a strict dress code and impeccable appearance.

They typically wear a pressed dark suit or tuxedo with a tie, dress shirt, polished shoes, and perhaps driving gloves. They may also wear a formal overcoat and cap in the colder months. This isn't to say that there aren't any formal professional drivers out there.

Most drivers present themselves very well in suits or formal wear. However, the vast majority of their clothing will be covered in the branding and company logo for their particular driving service, either on their shirts or jackets.

Therefore, they can't really stand up to the executive standards and luxury quality that comes from hiring a professional chauffeur. 

What Vehicles Do Drivers and Chauffeurs Drive?

Another difference between a driver and a chauffeur is the vehicles they drive. Professional chauffeur services typically have a fleet of luxury vehicles to transport their clients in.

This can include luxury sedan cars and four-door vehicles, executive vans or stretch limousines, all from high-end manufacturers. They use only the best vehicles to maintain their clients' professional, executive image and ensure a comfortable and reliable travelling experience.

These high-quality vehicles typically come with blacked-out windows in the rear, meaning this confidential service can also guarantee anonymity and privacy.

Conversely, a professional driver agency typically has standard and luxury vehicles in its fleet, providing more choice but inconsistent quality.

What Vehicles Do Drivers and Chauffeurs Drive?

Services of A professional chauffeur

A professional chauffeur can't become one until they have attained all the necessary training and qualifications required by their employer. Therefore, a chauffeur doesn't just drive a car - they are a professionally-trained driver.

They offer a more thorough travelling experience than simply driving from one place to another. Again, they will perform any additional tasks their client needs while on duty. They can fetch coffees en route from one destination to another, ensure their client is comfortable and provided for as they travel, and even make recommendations for locations for client dinners or a few drinks after work.

Your chauffeur will be there when you need them, with no need to wait around, as you would for a taxi or public transport. 

Types of Services Offered by a Chauffeur

Chauffeurs offer a wealth of services you can't find when hiring other professional drivers, such as:

  1. Directed Hire
  2. Diplomatic Services
  3. Celebrations and Special Occasions
  4. Birthday parties
  5. Chauffeured Tours
  1. Business Meetings
  2. Financial Roadshows
  3. Corporate Hospitality
  4. PR Events
  5. Weddings

Chauffeurs And Drivers Training

While both drivers and chauffeurs must carry a PCO license and driver's license for their vehicle and themselves, chauffeurs also undergo additional training before they are allowed to drive for clients.

Of course, they also undergo extensive background checks. Some of the additional training that chauffeurs undergo include:

  1. Security awareness
  2. Driver etiquette
  3. City geography
  4. Car etiquette (opening doors, entering and leaving vehicles)
  5. Expert knowledge of local hotels, landmarks and other city attractions
  1. Traffic negotiation
  2. Advanced laws and road regulations
  3. Customer safety
  4. Advanced driving
  5. Positive attitude
  6. Expert knowledge of current events

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