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How To Ensure An Unforgettable Wedding

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  • 26-09-2019
How To Ensure An Unforgettable Wedding

There are many things that you can do to try and make your wedding day more unique and more memorable.

When it comes to trying to make it original, make it your own, and something you are proud of, here are five ways to ensure an unforgettable wedding for you and your loved ones.

Best Reception

What is the best reception that you had ever been to? Why did you like it? Was it cosy and small? Big and loud? Was there dancing? A space for talking? Opportunities for eating? Jokes and laughing?

How do you want your reception to go? How do you imagine yourself on that night? What do you think others will have fun doing?

Think about some of these questions, and it might help you to narrow down on what reception design you might want to go with. You can get creative and make it your own in many different ways.

Good Food

The food is the most critical part of the wedding to some, and you don't want guests to feel like they don't have enough to eat, or that the food isn't that great.

Take the time to consider the food that will be easy to eat, not too filling because you don't want them to be too full of dancing, right?

Some tried, and true wedding classics always go over well for any celebration and looking around online for inspiration is a great way to get started.

What are your favourite foods? Including them into the wedding can help to create an event that speaks more to you as an individual and your partner.

Individual Decor

What is your favourite colour? Do you want lots of flowers? Candles? Decor can be one of the most expensive elements of the wedding, but it also makes it unforgettable as well for that reason.

Don't overlook this part because decor matters, even if it is for tables that you won't be looking or sitting at. Think about what your guests will see and experience, how do you want them to feel when they arrive?

The decor can help you to create the right vibe that you are looking for when it comes to the wedding, and it's a great way to create an unforgettable wedding that is true to who you are, your unique self.

Memorable Entertainment

Will there be a live band? Dancing? DJ? There are so many entertainment options these days to choose from you really cannot run out of options to find.

No matter what sort of entertainment you might be looking for, you are sure to be able to find it if you put in the time to look around and see what is out there.

Whether you choose professional dancers or close up magic, the entertainment is what people will remember. Many different entertainment ideas can be implemented in a wedding.


How are you going to arrive? Have you planned to hire a vintage wedding car for the bride and bridesmaids? How about the Groom? Do you need a Limousine?

Some get fancy with a boat or helicopter, do you want to go that above and beyond? Arrive by horse?

It is important to picture yourself arriving and leaving and how you want that to unfold. Plan the appropriate transportation so that you can make that goal a reality.

If you are planning a wedding in Inverness or the Highlands ask about our luxury wedding car hire. We offer chauffeur driven classic car hire for weddings in Scotland.

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