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Places To Visit In A Tour Of Inverness

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Places To Visit In A Tour Of Inverness

Find out more about the places to visit in a tour of inverness. Our chauffeur tours offer a chance to explore the highlands and visit amazing local attractions.

Loch Ness

Loch Ness is the worlds most famous loch. The loch has a depth of 240 metres (788 feet) and is approximately 36 kilometres (23 miles) in length. Loch Ness has the most significant volume of fresh water in Great Britain. Located near Inverness, this beautiful loch is shrouded in immense mystery. Many tales of a huge monster living beneath the deep, dark waters have been told for years. Perhaps when you come to visit, you too will glimpse Nessy, the famous Loch Ness Monster.  

Urquhart Castle: Places To Visit In A Tour Of Inverness

Urquhart Castle

The ruins of this castle are situated on the banks of the famous Loch Ness amid some of the most beautiful scenery. It was built in the thirteenth century and is steeped in history; the castle changed hands many times during the Wars of Independence. Urquhart Castle witnessed violent rivalry between clans and also withstood Jacobite uprisings.

Culloden Battlefield

The battlefield has been restored as near as possible to how it was when the two sides marched on it that fateful day. There is a visitor and exhibition centre where you can listen to genuine characters involved in the Battle of Culloden, or you can visit the Battle immersion theatre and view what it would have been like at the centre of the battle.

Falcon Square

Falcon Square is in the centre of the city of Inverness. The square is dedicated to John Falconer, the founder of the Falcon Foundry in 1858. One of the foundry's original buildings is still standing in the square. Located at the centre of the square is the statue of a unicorn, making it a great meeting place before you visit the Eastgate shopping centre.

RZSS Highland Wildlife Park

Here, you can discover all about endangered animals and Scottish wildlife. You can drive around the main wildlife park reserve in your own vehicle, or if you prefer, you can join one of the zoos tours. Conservation and the protection of endangered animals are at the heart of this beautiful wildlife park.

Eden Court Highlands

Eden Court is the largest venue for entertainment in the Highlands, situated on the banks of the Loch Ness. It hosts everything from dance shows, opera's, musicals and comedy shows. Eden Court offers a wide variety; there is always something to suit everyone, and it has been host to national and international stars.

River Ness and the Inverness Castle

Inverness Castle sits on a low cliff and overlooks Loch Ness. Even though there is no historical evidence to prove that Duncan was murdered here, it is thought that the 11th-century Inverness Castle featured in Shakespeare's famous play, Macbeth. Many have said that they have seen the ghost of Duncan dressed in full regalia walking along the banks of the River Ness.

River Ness and the Inverness Castle: Places To Visit In A Tour Of Inverness

Munlochy Clootie Well

The Clootie Well is a rather extraordinary remnant of a once ancient tradition. Pilgrims would travel to the holy well and leave an offering to the local spirits and gods, hoping to cure an illness. You will find many items of clothing and bits of cloth hanging from the trees'a truly fascinating place to visit.

Cawdor Castle and Gardens

Cawdor Castle was built and subsequently inhabited by the Cawdor family for over 600 years. Once inside the castle, you can explore some of the rooms with fine art, rare tapestries, ceramics, furniture and Sculptures spanning 3,500 years. Cawdor Castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens, including the Walled Garden, the Flower Garden and the Wild Garden.

Beauly Priory

The monastery was founded in 1230; Sir John Bissett was a local landowner. He invited the French Valliscaulian monks to settle at Beauly Priory; they and their religious way of life remained at the priory for over 300 years. The priory is in a beautiful woodland alongside the River Beauly. It is surrounded by tombs and burial stones, some of them over 200 years old.

Inverness Botanic Gardens

The botanic gardens are home to a tropical house with waterfalls and a carp pond. It also has a cafe and formal gardens. Entrance to the Botanic gardens is free, the charity relies upon visitors and the sale of plants, this really is a spectacular place and well worth a visit.

Clava Cairns: Places To Visit In A Tour Of Inverness

Clava Cairns

Clava Cairns is a Bronze Age cemetery. This well-preserved burial site has a complex passage of ring cairns, graves, kerb cairns and standing stones in a tranquil and beautiful setting.

Glenmorangie Distillery

Glenmorangie is a distillery in Tain that has been producing single malt Scotch whisky for over 175 years. The Glenmorangie Company Ltd own the distillery. Their main product is a Glenmorangie single malt whisky. Why not come and visit for one of the tours? You will receive a truly Scottish welcome. You will experience every process of how this single malt is made.


Nairn is a seaside resort and home to two golf courses and award-winning beaches. It also houses a famous fishing port and market town'an absolute gem of a place and an idyllic place to visit or stay.

Fort George Dolphins

If you would like to see the majestic Moray Dolphins, Fort George is the place to go. The dolphins have to travel past Fort George when they are travelling to Chanonry Point. Fort George has high ramparts that offer spectacular views of the dolphins.

Inverness Cathedral

Steeped in heritage and history, Inverness Cathedral is a superb example of Alexander Ross' architecture and is the most northerly Anglican Cathedral in the United Kingdom. The cathedral has many intricate carvings in wood and stone that sit aside beautiful stained glass windows. 

Inverness Cathedral was built between 1866 and 1869 and is a stunning example of Gothic architecture.

Fairy Glen

To reach these two magical looking waterfalls, you can take a gentle walk up a wooded glen. In times gone by, children would decorate the pool near the spring with flowers. It was said that doing this would make sure the fairies kept the supply of water clean.

Fairy Glen: Places To Visit In A Tour Of Inverness

Highlanders' Museum

The museum is located in Fort George within the Historic Scotland Site and is a fully working army barracks. The Highlanders museum gives a historical insight into the Highland Regiment. It tells the story from the Battle of Culloden to the regiments present day.

If you are planning a holiday in Inverness or the Highlands and want check out some of these incredible places look at our sightseeing tours. If you would like more information on any of these places, please feel free to reach out.

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